Early Career Coaching

Coaching for early career folks who believe in justice and equity, are queer or otherwise marginalized, want social and organizational change, and are ready to reflect on their patterns in life and at work.

I’m Fred Tally-Foos, a professional coach in training. A key foundation of my work is the Enneagram

People work with me because they want help understanding what “isn’t working” – usually in their careers, but sometimes elsewhere – before we explore the obstacles between where they are now and a desired change. Harvard’s Institute of Coaching does a good job of explaining why you might invest in coaching here.

As I said, I’m currently working toward my PCC requirements per the ICF. That means I need to spend 500 hours practicing with individuals. I’ve currently got about 30 under my belt (not counting the hours of training I’ve undergone – read about those on my site).

What this means for you: I’ve decided for the first 300 hours I’ll charge $40/hour. After that, I’ll increase it a little bit. 

If you are interested in learning more, fill out the above form and I’ll be in touch with more details. Most of my coaching engagements range from 1 – 5 sessions with an individual. What it looks like for you will depend on what your goals are.

Important caveat – if you need to pay less, just let me know in our initial email exchange. I’m flexible, especially if you’re queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, first gen, formerly incarcerated, currently incarcerated, poor for literally any reason, or have no reason. I can’t generally offer these training hours for free due to ICF requirements for certification, but, like with almost everything, if you need the support, we can figure it out.

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